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I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween. Welcome back to all our returning families escaping the cold and snow. To continue to offer the best care, we need to keep our records complete. If you had vaccines, bloodwork, or even surgery performed at your other veterinarian hospital, please have them fax the records to us at 561-439-4988. This can save time and money if we can see that your pet had bloodwork recently when you need medication refills.

Beware of Facebook pet scams! The scam usually starts with an impassioned email describing an injured pet needing treatment. Adorable pictures are attached or linked by Facebook pages. There is usually no mention why the pet cannot receive treatment locally and must be imported to the US. As is often the case with these types of email, the spelling and grammar are bad and the story changes. Our hospital recently received an email describing a beaten or ill kitten (the story changed even within the email) in Brazil needing medical care and importation into the US. Brazil has a wonderful veterinary school, but the plea does not address why the kitten cannot be treated there.

From Shayne Gardner, CVT at Coral Springs Animal Hospital:

Many of you may have already heard this story about nails found in cheese cubes at local dog parks. Due to its significance and the stir it has caused in the pet owning public across the country, we felt it warranted as to this e-mail blast to the South Florida veterinary community. Multiple media sources across the country have reported this occurrence to be a hoax.

… and many others

Although this turned out to be a hoax, it could still happen. Sadly, there are individuals out there that may actually decide to do this.

Best Regards,

Shayne Gardner, CVT
Hospital Manager

Key Largo and Islmorada are still struggling with squirrel pox in the gray squirrel population. People with feeding stations can prevent the disease from spreading simply by washing or spraying the water and food supply containers and station with bleach at least one time daily. Rinsing thoroughly before replacing the water and keeping food available is vital. Keeping the squirrels in their own environment instead of rehab centers allowed better recovery and fewer deaths since the squirrels know where to find food even if the pox obscured their vision. This disease only affects squirrels and does not harm people or pets.

An Australian man is in Intensive Care after eating 2 slugs on a dare. Many slugs, snails, and similar animals are carriers of many parasites. In this case, he contracted Rat Lungworm from the slugs and spent a month in ICU. He is expected to recover to full health. Remind children and college students that earthworms, wild snails, and slugs can carry diseases and to not eat them- even with peer pressure.

Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists have a bereavement group the 3rd Thursday of every month. The group is run by a Certified Bereavement counselor and has Licensed Mental Health Counselors also. This is a great way to be around people who understand the grieving process from loss of a pet and that the process may take months or years to complete. For more information contact Andrea (561) 434-5700

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