Our Staff

  • Rozanne Kadish Rozanne Kadish
    Hospital Administrator

    Rozanne has a business degree in Administration from the University of Witz and she also has her Bachelors of Science degree in Genetics and Psychology. Rozanne can always be seen cuddling and comforting the animals. Wherever Rozanne may go, her German Shepherd named Tundy is always right by her side!

  • Cari Noeth Cari Noeth
    Office Manager

    Cari has been with our practice since 2005. She'll take care of your pets as if they were her own. On her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her children.

  • Martha Martha

    Hi, my name is Martha. I am originally from Nicaragua, but came to Florida at the age of 9. I've always loved animals and always knew that I wanted to work with animals as I got older. I treat my dogs and cats like they are my children. I love being able to meet new furry friends everyday!

  • Jasmine Jasmine

    My name is Jasmine and I am currently enrolled in the veterinary technician program. I enjoy going out to new places and embracing nature. On my free time, I enjoy doing my own nails and trying new designs!

  • Meilanie Meilanie

    I'm Meilanie, I love spending time outdoors especially on the boat with my husband and 2 kids. I got into being a vet tech because I grew up riding horses and enjoy working with animals and I couldn't ask for a better job that let's me accomplish this.

  • Daisy Daisy

    Hi my name is Daisy, I'm passionate about making animals surroundings more welcoming and hygienic.

  • Sarah .

    Hi, My Name is Sarah I love to go on vacation especially with my dog Duke. I am a Florida native and happy to help anyone in need.

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