Our hospital's pharmacy has a full line of preventative medicines such as Heart worm preventative, antibiotics, anti fungal agents, anti-inflammatory agents, anti-parasite agents, nutraceuticals, and herbal products. If we do not have the drug or medication needed for your pet, our doctors will give you a prescription for these to an outside pharmacy or call it in if that is convenient for you.

There are occasions when we will need to use a "compounding pharmacy". This will happen when we need to use a drug that has been removed from the human and animal market but is still able to be used for animals. An example would be the drug called Stilbestrol which is used for urinary incontinence. Also, this type of pharmacy may be used when we need to furnish your pet with a different form of a product or a different strength of a medication that is not normally found. An example of this would be using a transdermal medication which is applied to the ear. A compounding pharmacy can also take liquid medication and flavor it with tuna so it would be appealing to a cat. If we need to use a compounding pharmacy, our friendly veterinary technicians will explain to you how to acquire your prescription.

For your convenience we have an online pharmacy where you can have all your medications and food delivered right to your doorstep!

Your pet legally must be a current patient and recently seen for the disease.

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  • "Thank you for being there for my little girl this past week. Had the chance to work will all 3 doctors throughout this week (and many techs/front desk girls) and even though I felt like a crazy dog mom calling every 5 minutes to check on her, this team took the time to be there for me and my little girl. Can't tell you how much you made these past couple days less stressful. Glad to have her home, and glad your team was on her side! Thank you, you'll never know what you gave me back."
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