Prophylactic dental cleanings are very necessary for dogs and cats. There is nothing worse than a pet that cannot chew or eat properly because they are in pain from a dental problem. Animals are sneaky critters as they often don’t complain or even seem to be bothered by a bad dental problem until it is quite severe. If your pet has bad breath, is refusing to eat kibble, has red swollen gums, visible plaque or tartar, receding gums, excessive drooling, or swelling in the mouth or face, it could indicate a dental dilemma! Give us a call and we’ll check it out right away.

We have dental x-rays that are done with a new and veterinary x-ray machine. This helps us determine the extent of your pet’s problems as we view the teeth, roots, and gum-line carefully. Non-anesthetic cleanings may be available based on the level of dental disease and disposition of your pet. Groomers may brush the teeth and imply it is the same. Brushing is always important for health, but periodic deep cleanings are also required. (Just as in people) Our non-anesthetic dental cleanings are arranged one day each month so please call and ask about our next dental cleaning day. All pets do need to be checked by our vets prior to any dental procedures. If your pet’s teeth are in need of additional work such as extractions or gum repair, this would have to be scheduled with anesthesia.

Please have the procedure performed on your pet if the doctor suggests it. Waiting can be dangerous. It can lead to tooth root abscesses, gum and sinus infections, tooth loss, and even heart disease.

Also, please ask for an estimate before dropping your pet off for a dental procedure. We do not want anyone surprised by costs when they come to pick up their pet. We want you to be able to listen to post dental instructions and any comments the doctor or technician may have for you. Please follow all the pre and post dental instructions for your pet on the day of their procedures. If you have any questions before or after the dental procedure is completed, we are always happy to help you.

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