Exotic Pets

Please bring your pal, the Boa Constrictor and your feathered friend, the Cockatoo to their yearly check-up as soon as possible!!

Yes, we have Exotic Animal Vet Services here at Lantana-Atlantis Animal Hospital. Many exotics hide illness so exams 1-2 times per year are recommended.

Beak, wing, and nail trims are done routinely by our staff so if your favorite critter has scales, feathers, fur, or a shell, we are very comfortable treating these types of pets. Known to be more delicate than the cats and dogs that we see, exotics of all types need that extra special care and a good eye to determine perfect health. These animals are very crafty at purposely hiding illness because some of these species are animals of prey and illness to them is a sign of weakness that they don’t ever like to show. We can’t stress to you enough to get your exotic animals to the vet early and never take a “wait and see” attitude.

Advance notice is required for venomous animals.

Bring them one and all!

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